With Joanna Harper
Certified in IEMT Practitioner – Integrated Eye Movement Therapy – AT Austin

IEMT is an interesting and useful technique, particularly when a problem is something that is difficult to talk about or describe. If you have a problem like this IEMT may be helpful and is often used in combination with NLP techniques.

Joanna’s clients who have experienced a traumatic or challenging event in their lives, and found it difficult to overcome; have reported back to her that they are: sleeping better, feel calmer and more relaxed after an IEMT session. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for example.

Joanna may include IEMT into your session with her; or you can book an IEMT session specifically.

Appointments: £150,00


Acupuncture offers a safe, natural solution for those people wishing to get their health back on track, treating a wide variety of health problems from back, neck, knee and shoulder pain, to stress and anxiety issues, migraines and more.

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Everyday activities and tension are generally the cause of knotted, tender build ups that cause pain and even headaches. Massage works deeply into the muscle tissue to increase blood flow to the area and aid the clearance of toxins that can build up in the body.

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Integrated Therapeutic Massage

‘Therapeutic massage’ is a term that covers a variety of modalities to manipulate the soft tissues, relieve symptoms of  muscular tension, aches and pains, loosen fibrous scar tissue and correct postural problems.

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Reflexology involves applying massage and pressure to reflex points on the soles of the feet, toes and ankles that correspond to specific organs and glands in the body. Reflexology is an effective, very relaxing and non invasive treatment.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment using specific hand movements to treat the upper body and head. It is beneficial for those who suffer with headaches, migraine, eye strain, neck and shoulder tension, mental fatigue and in certain cases, thinning hair.

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Reiki & Seichim

Reiki promotes the body’s own natural ability to heal itself, balancing the internal energy system as it does so, encouraging the release of tension and stress, leaving the body and mind balanced and re-energised. Treatment itself is a deeply relaxing experience.

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A totally holistic therapy using the body’s bio-feedback mechanism to gain information about the client. Because Kinesiology is such a gentle and non-invasive treatment it can be applied to adults and children of all ages safely and effectively.

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Quantum Keys

A powerful technique that works with your higher mind to find permanent solutions to issues and problems that may be troubling you in your life, working directly and co-creatively with divine intelligence through your higher self to facilitate healing and reconnection to spirit on all levels.

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As a Naturopath Joanna believes that the pillars of health are eating well, sleeping well, moving well and feeling happy.  The Healing Power of Nature is the fundamental principle of Naturopathy. Given the right conditions the body will self heal, self correct & re-balance.

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NLP & Life Coaching

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is a range of powerful techniques, which when skillfully, sensitively and compassionately applied by Joanna can help you make positive, lasting, changes in your life. NLP is considered one of the most empowering sets of "tools" for personal change & development. NLP is used widely in therapy, health & wellbeing and as a self-help resource.

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

IEMT is an interesting and useful technique, particularly when a problem is something that is difficult to talk about or describe.   If you have a problem like this IEMT may be helpful and is often used in combination with NLP techniques.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Joanna is an experienced, sensitive and compassionate therapist, who will guide you into a pleasant, relaxed, comfortable state, this is sometimes called hypnosis or trance.

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Nutritional Therapy

If you have concerns about your long-term health Nutritional Therapy can help improve your symptoms and help you feel better. Your consultation may include completing a health questionnaire, dietary changes, recommendation of practitioner strength supplements, recipe ideas and meal plans.

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Living in Your Colours

Colour psychology helps us to understand and recognise the benefits of using colour consciously. It is not only about enhancing our physical appearance but about helping to support different phases in our lives emotionally, physically and mentally

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